E-Bo-No-Kata wedstrijden SJJI

Dear Ju-Jitsuka,

Under the guidance and support of the ALL JAPAN JU-JITSU FEDERATION we are proud to announce and publish the invitation for the first official World Championship in E-Bo-no-Kata in Sint Willebrord, the Netherlands on Saturday April 21st, 2018.

After starting many years ago with Dutch National Championships and later Open International Championships we now are ready to organize the First World Championship.
This tournament is open to ALL organizations and federations.

Participants and Federations of different countries like the Netherlands, Danmark, Belgium, Germany and the United States already have showed interest in participating.

Like in the tournaments before, this time also, there will be different categories so that every couple can participate at their own level:
• Master Class (from 16 years and minimal 3rd Degree Black Belt), to perform complete Kata
• Black Belt Class (from 16 years and Black Belt), to perform complete Kata
• Adult Class (from 16 years, 1st & 2nd Kyu), to perform complete Kata
• Adult Class (from 16 years, 3rd, 4th, 5th Kyu), to perform first 2 series Kata
• Youth higher Kyu-grades (Under 16 years, 1st & 2nd Kyu), to perform first 2 series Kata
• Youth lower Kyu-grades (Under 16 years, 3rd, 4th, 5th Kyu), to perform first serie Kata

All couples will have to perform their serie(s) minimal twice during this tournament.
Tori will remain Tori during the complete tournament.
Double participation (multiple couple combinations, once Tori/once Uke) is possible, double registration is allowed.

Participation fee for SJJI-members is €12,50 per couple, participation fee for all other (non-SJJI-members) is € 17,50 per couple.
Persons that want to support the participants pay an entrance fee of € 2 per person

If you would like to get more details of this International Kata Tournament please send an e-mail to info@sjji.org
インターナショナルエボのカタトーナメントの、 詳細を入手されたい方はinfo@sjji.org までメールを送信ください


You can find more information on:
http://www.sjji.org/ international-e-bo-no-kata- tournament/

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